Tina Schranz

Tina Schranz began teaching fitness classes in 2013 as a way to remain physically active, connect with others adults and to promote a positive mental and emotional well being after having her second child. With a background in dance, running and ice hockey, life as a fitness instructor was a new and exciting adventure to pursue.

Tina enjoys teaching a variety of formats that include Zumba, barre, strength/resistance training, HIIT, yoga and cardio kickboxing. She specializes in senior fitness programming to include Silver Sneakers (classic, circuit, yoga), Zumba Gold, YogaFit senior yoga, Parkinson’s and balance related classes. Tina also loves facilitating Mommy & Me groups and children’s yoga classes to encourage joyful, fun movement experiences for families and their children.

She also has a national group exercise certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and values the significance of continuing educational and training opportunities to grow as a fitness professional by bringing fresh, updated options to her classes. Currently, she is completing her 200 hour RYT certification through YogaFit with a concentration in Addiction and Recovery, Senior Yoga and Kids’ Yoga. She is also preparing for a personal training certification through ACE.

Tina enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children as well as hiking, camping, gardening and cooking. It is an amazing privilege for her to be actively involved with others in their health and fitness journeys, to empower and support them to enjoy active lifestyles, and to promote a positive outlook on their physical, emotional, and mental well beings.